vCloudPoint Zero Client Computin

Sharing Computing — Not Just Cost-Saving

  • Optimized Performance

    Efficient self-developed Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP) for multimedia and USB support.

  • User Isolation

    Each user works in their self-owned work-space. The administrator can configure disk visibility to users.

  • Client-Rendering

    Rendering on clients offloads 90% CPU consumption on video play. Support more than 30 1080p videos on an i7 PC.

  • Customizable User Experience

    The vMatrix Sever Manager is fully featured, and user experience, such as video, audio, and USB support is customizable.

  • Windows 10 Ready

    Support all popular Windows Server, Multipoint, Client systems, including Server 2012R2, Multipoint Server 2012, and 10.

  • Zero Configuration

    The user-friendly interface offers features for novice to advanced users. No configurations on host or clients. Connect to start.